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Royal Tasmanian Brand Abalone

This is Australia's biggest selling brand, each abalone is hand picked and harvested in the island of Tasmania. Produced by Tasmanian Seafoods Pty Ltd. under the establishment No.816. The full drained weight is 213gm.

Available in size F1 ( one whole piece) and FF1 (one whole and one cut piece).

(Net Weight: 425gm)
Sun Kee Premium Abalone in Brine

Live Australian abalone is used to produce this highly sought after product. The canned abalone is cooked in the traditional method of preserving the natural taste of fresh abalone. Packed under our own house brand, buyers and users are assured of the consistent quality of the product.

(Net Weight: 425gm)
Oceanfresh Clear Canned Abalone in Brine

This innovative packaging is the flagship product of our company. The clear packaging concept allows buyers to view the abalone within the can. The product is cooked and heat sterilised to Australian Government Standards. No refrigeration is required except after opening the lid.

(Net Weight: 400gm)
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